Name Jaza
Alias N/A
Age 27
Birthdate 9.09
Sex Male
Height 6'8(203cm)
Weight 245lbs(111kg)
Planet Hedrag
Occupation Officer
Affiliation(s) N/A
Status Alive
Debut Chapter 7


Jaza is a large muscular humanoid man with orange skin. He has a scar over his left eye. His brown hair is styled in a mohawk with a buzzcut. On his arms are guarded by golden armguards, his left shoulder is protected by a large fur trimmed golden plate as well. His lower abdomen has bandages over it. He wears hakama like pants with a zig zag pattern at the bottom. On his feet are socks and sandals.


Jaza is very confident in himself when it comes to fighting. He loves fighting, he loves it so much that any little reason there is to fight he'll use it as an excuse to fight. He has a superiority complex, deeming those who are weak don't belong on the battlefield. 






Super Strength
Jaza is incredibly strong, he can be seen destroying large objects with one arm. With his strength comes great durability too. He survives a more than hundred meter fall at high speeds with just a few scratches.
Combat Expertise
Jaza has had years of experience when it comes to combat. He learned how to read people and even creatures to the point where he can almost anticipate what they will do next. 

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