Name  X
Alias  Stongest Man in the Universe
Age  ???
Birthdate  ???
Sex  Male
Height  5'10
Weight  166lbs
Planet  ???
Occupation  ???
Affiliation(s)  ???
Status  Alive
Debut  Chapter 1


X has long deep red hair, his bangs cover his right eye and he wear his waist long hair in a braid. His eyes are a deep red as well. He wears a black fur trimmed hoodie , pants and boots, with white accents and red buttons.


X is only interested in things that are interesting to him. He doesn't care about material or political power. Just fighting seems to be his only goal in his life.




Hooded Figure
X knows where he is and does humor his request to meet up. Meaning that a past exist with the man.


It's unknown how strong he is but his strength is wanted badly by the hooded figure. So badly that he was offered anything between money to stars. He is called the "Strongest Man in the Universe".

 Stats  Strength  Endurance  Stamina  Intelligence  Speed  Potential
   ???  ???  ???  ???  ???  ???