Name  Fiks
Alias  N/A
Age  13
Birthdate  3.04
Sex  male
Height  5'3(160cm)
Weight  102lbs(46kg)
Planet  Loonie
Occupation  Officer
Affiliation(s)  N/A
Status  Alive
Debut Chapter 3


Fiks has light blue skin and turquoise eyes. His spikes on his head are short and curly.

Fiks wears an all black outfit with white lines; a collared shirt, pants, and a open long sleeve jacket.

Fiks' battle uniform is a full body sky blue tights with shoes attached. Commonly seen on Loonie uniforms are the sliver plates. Fiks wears these on his left arm, waist, fingers, and ankles. He also wears a silver plated sash with a blue orb in the middle. Along with all that, he has a large canister that he holds behind him.


Fiks is shy and cowardly but he's kind. He is very intelligent and well versed in technology. When it comes to helping others out, Fiks is not opposed to doing it, even if they are strangers.




She is Fiks' older sister. Even though she calls him names it doesn't bother him that much.
Fiks befriends Ray very quickly, and they grew a bond relatively fast. Fiks considers Ray a really good friend. Fiks is indebted to Ray for sticking up for him against Gozul. He supports Ray whenever he needs help.


Fiks learns things pretty fast, he spends his free time learning new things. He is one of the few that understands the STATION very well.

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