Name  Ray
Alias  N/A
Age  15
Birthdate  3.15
Sex  male
Height  5'6(167cm)
Weight  135lb (61kg)
Planet  Earth (Milky Way)
Occupation  Leader
Affiliation(s)  N/A
Status  Alive
Debut  Chapter 1



Ray has spiky blonde hair with long side bangs. Ray's bangs are dyed two different colors due to a dying accident. His eyes are blue.

In the prologue Ray debuts wearing a teal hoodie over a white shirt, along with tan pants with black and red boots. Later on he switches over to Morgan's old outfit. This outfit comes with a white hoodie and white baggy shorts, which both have gray sections at the end. He also wears a pair of red and black boots. He also wears a over sized belt that hangs out from his hoodie.

In the Rostillia Arc Ray wears a similar jacket to Morgan's jacket, with a few alterations. His shoulder pads are longer and out of them can extend a crimson cape. New to his appearance are the gloves developed by Megumi. These are red metal on top of black gloves.


Ray is an honest and kind person, willing to help those who need it. Ray has a bad habit of recklessly acting before consulting others. He believes that if he has power he can protect people more effienctly. 


Before getting on the STATION Ray was in his principle's office for getting into a fight. 


Ray saved Megumi from kidnappers when they were kids. Ray relies on Megumi a lot, he does think it's a burden on her. He regrets bringing her to the STATION and is determined to send her back home. Ray calls her Meg, something that she hates to be called.
Fiks is the first alien Ray befriends on the STATION. Ray helps Fiks out cause he believes he's a good person. Whenever he needs information or help with the STATION, Ray will asks Fiks.


NanoGloves - KISHI
These Gloves were created by Megumi, to help Ray fight aliens that were way stronger than humans. In order to utilize the nanomachines Ray had to put his body to the ultimate test for 2 months straight. The Nanomachines would repair the stress he pilled up and raise his limits to survive more each time. The gloves can also boost his limits up to 100%. Ray can boost him self up to 30% on his own, but any further and he'll need Megumi to do it remotely.
Martial Arts
Ray has some experience in martial arts. When it comes to fighting he knows his way around.

 Stats  Strength  Endurance  Stamina  Intelligence  Speed  Potential
 Prologue  F  F  E  D  F  F
 Rostillia  D  D  C  D  D  F