Name  Morgan
Alias  N/A
Age  35
Birthdate  9.9
Sex  Male
Height  6'2 (187cm)
Weight  188lbs (85kg)
Planet  Earth (Milky Way)
Occupation  Leader
Affiliation(s)  N/A
Status  Dead
Debut  Chapter 1


Morgan has green eyes, his eyebrows are split at the end. Morgan's hair is a dirty blonde color.
Age 15
Morgan wears a white hoodie and baggy shorts, both having gray areas at the end of the sleeves and pants legs. this is accompanied by black and red boots. His hair is curly and he has bangs leaning on his right side of his face.
Age 25
Morgan wears an white open high collared jacket and his hair is messy with two bangs on the side.
Age 35
Morgan wear's a tan jacket and pants with green stripes at the ends of the sleeves and bottom of the pants. His recurring gray straps show up on his shoulders and his right arm. He points his hair back in a spiky fashion, with two bangs coming down on his left side. he also wears plain gray boots.


Morgan is a laid back and kind person, as he's often seen smiling no matter the situation. He is also trusting, knowing that he had to trust Ray with his position. But he is very careful, as he made a video just in case he did die, making sure that whoever was the next leader would have the tools needed to go on.




A man who Morgan tells Ray to find as one of his overall goals. So it seems like Morgan trust this man a lot if he needs to be found. 


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-Morgan hates chocolate