Name  Megumi
Alias  N/A
Age  17
Birthdate  7.18
Sex  Female
Height  5'8 (172cm)
Weight  -Secret-
Planet  Earth (Milky Way)
Occupation  Officer
Affiliation(s)  N/A
Status  Alive

Chapter 6


Megumi when she first appeared has long messy hair. She wore her school uniform paired with leggings.

In the Rostillia Arc, Megumi has curly shoulder length hair and wears a long black jacket.


Megumi is a quiet type, she doesn't really like to spend time outside, she'd rather be inside studying. She can show her emotions when it needs to show, such as her distraught when first coming to the STATION. She's not afraid of expressing her opinions to her friends.


Megumi is the daughter of a rich CEO in Japan. She was separted from her bodyguard one winter and was attacked by kidnappers. Ray finds her and he stops the kidnappers long enough for her bodyguard and Ray's father to find them. After the incident Megumi became a shut in going to school only to take test. Before she was transported to the STATION she was meeting with her counselor to talk about college.


Megumi first met Ray during a kidnapping attempt. Ray had saved her from the attackers and they became close after that. While she insults Ray every so often, she is fond of Ray. She is called Meg by him, a name she hates being called, but she allows him to call her that.


Megumi is one the smartest people in her country. Expertise in both technology and medicine, she utilizes her knowledge to advance medicine. Megumi can take in new information fairly quickly, she can read a book and recite a quote and remember which page it came from.
Nano Gloves - KISHI - Nanomachines
Megumi's Nanomachines are meant to improve someone's health. The KISHI system is a different take her medical Nanomachines. Instead of amazing healing and recovery over longer periods of time, KISHI is meant for battle and fast recovery. Because Ray gets injured and will stress his body on a regular basis, Megumi controls the recovery rate for any major injuries. When Ray needs to boost his body, he has control to up to 30% of his power. Anywhere past that number will put Rays body in danger, so he'll need Megumi's permission to go above it.

 Stats  Strength  Endurance  Stamina  Intelligence  Speed  Potential
 Rostillia  F  F  F  A  F C


-Megumi didn't cut her hair for a years feeling like it was a waste of time from studying