Here you can find all the chapters and volumes.


Prologue Arc

Chapter 1: Ray Enters

Chapter 2: Morgans Leaves

Chapter 3: I’ll Do It!!

Chapter 3.5: TALK

Chapter 4: Ray vs Gozul

Chapter 5: A New Ally Arrives

Chapter 6: Preparation and Departure

Rostillia Arc

Chapter 7: A New Adventure Begins

Chapter 8: Ray From Earth

Chapter 9: World Tree O’Frao

Chapter 10: Crimson Knight Takarai

Chapter 11: Ray and Megumi

Chapter 12: Kick it up a Notch!! …coming soon

Chapter 13: …coming soon


Mahou Shoujo Megumi Vol #1

Valentines 2016



Here you will be able to read a compilation of chapters in PDF/ZIP from. The volumes will have extra pages and new content such as behind the scenes, character sketches and more.