The Shonen Jump Tezuka 100th contest has come to an end! You can read my entry, a revised version of Astro Trip here. All feedback is appreciated and wish me good luck!

Now that the contest has ended I wanted to go through the entries or at least as many as I can of the 1400+ entered. I’ll do video reviews of 3 entries per video. The intention is to provide criticism and feedback to the amateur aspiring manga artist. As I have great respect for anyone who wants to get into the craft, so I will give them the real critique in hopes they take time to improve their skills.

Grading will have 5 categories:

  • Setting & Characters
    • Is the setting unique? Did it matter? Are the characters tropes we’ve seen before with poor, serviceable or excellent execution? Are there too many characters? Do the characters have personality?
  • Plot
    • Does it make sense? Is it a story that’s been told before, does it do it better or worse?
  • Art Skill
    • Is their an evident style? Level of understanding of anatomy, perspective and shape. How consistent is the art?
  • Art Application
    • How often are panels blank? Use of toning and effects? Use of panels example characters moving out of panels?
  • Flow
    • How well does it read as a manga? Too many panels? Too much text?

Grading will be from A to D, each having a numerical value, A=4 B=3 C=2 D=1. After that I’ll add the total up and give it a grade based off the total.

  • A(20-18)
  • B(17-15)
  • C(14-10)
  • D(9-5)

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