So I thought this would be cool to have. Not just for me, cause I do need it, but for everyone else who’s interested in this kinda stuff. If there’s anything else that can be ordered in a list I’ll make that too. So check it out I’ll update this every time a new batch of characters comes around. This list will be from tallest to shortest. Enjoy!

Click on the character name to see their info page.
Here it is!!

Gilim – 7’10(238cm)
Takarai – 7’2(218cm)
Pirata – 7’0(213cm)
Jaza – 6’8(203cm)
Junonia – 6’6(198cm)
Jinza – 6’4(193cm)
Morgan(35) – 6’2(187cm)
Tenodera – 6’2(187cm)
X – 5’10(177cm)
Megumi(17) – 5’8(172cm)
Ray(15) – 5’6(167cm)
Ninigi(14) – 5’5(165cm)
Fiks(13) – 5’3(160cm)