In this series characters are always competing  against each other. Having these stats in place will give more insight on these characters. In the story the characters are aware of the stats of others and will use them to gauge if it is worth the risk. The nature of the ranks are vague on purpose. Each rank has a letter, S being the highest and F being the lowest.


Strength is based on destructive ability, not just physical but any type of ability that can destroy. This is the most simplest stat to understand. This does not include weaponry being used to destroy things.
Z- Capable of destroying a star
S- Capable of destroying anything between a satelite to a planet
A- Capable of shaping a large mass of land
B- Capable of destroying multiple cities
C- Capable of  destroying a city
D- Capable of destroying a large building or skyscraper
E- Capable of destroying a small town
F- Capable of harming a group of individuals (Level of a peak human being)


Endurance is based on how much damage 0r stress the body can take. This can also be judged by their durability, some species are hard as diamonds but others soft but rubbery, meaning they can deflect attacks.
Z- Can withstand nearly anything
S- Can withstand planetary attacks
A- Can withstand large scale attacks
B- Can withstand city scaling attacks
C- Can withstand very harsh environments (Tundras, deserts, poisonous areas, etc.)
D- Can withstand an explosion at close range
E- Can withstand an impact that is 5x-8x their weight
F- Can withstand a speeding object impact (their body mass or at least 3x their body weight)


Stamina is based on how long the combatant can keep up activity without rest. Every species is different on how they deal with exhaustion. Some have ways to prevent it or regain stamina back while working so those are also taken into account.(action=nonstop action without rest)
Z- rarely lose stamina doing an excessive amount of action
S- 480 hours of action
A- 168 hours of action
B- 96 hours of action
C- 48 hours of action
D- 24 hours of action
E- 12 hours of action
F- 4 hours of action


Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge within a given time. Faster they are able to process and apply it the better. This does not just mean book smarts but battle tactics as well.
Z- Ability to learn and apply in the moment after acquiring information
S- Ability to learn and apply in a few seconds after acquiring information
A- Ability to learn and apply in a few minutes after acquiring information
B- Ability to learn and apply in an hour or so after acquiring information
C- Ability to learn and apply in a few hours after acquiring information
D- Ability to learn and apply in a day after acquiring information
E- Ability to learn and apply within few days of acquiring information
F- Ability to learn and apply very rarely if not ever after acquiring information


Speed is the ability to move from one place to another in a given amount of time. Teleportation does not count as natural speed. Speed also relates to reaction speed.
Z- Near instant movement or faster than light
S- Move faster than the speed of sound
A- Match the speed of sound
B- Able to move at anywhere between 101-500km/h
C- Able to move at anywhere between 51-100km/h
D- Able to move at anywhere between 51-100km/h
E- Able to move at anywhere between 16-50km/h
F- Able to move at anywhere under 15km/h


Potential is the most vague of all the stats. Potential is the ability for the combatant to grow. The STATION chooses this itself and most are unaware of their growth. Such the definitions for each rank aren’t based on a thing that can be done and shown. This rank cannot be trained, most are stuck with whatever they get.
Z- You will never stop evolving
S- Constantly growing
A- You will grow
B- Growing ever so often
C- Might grow
D- Chances on growing are dim
E- Slim chances on growing
F- Unable to grow